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The Woven Heart Art Museum in Tisvildeleje , Denmark, was for 3 years a reality. It opened in 2014 from from Oct-Dec until 2016. The lent apartment in which the museum lived in was sold March 1st 2017.         

Open / Åbningstider.




As volunteers, we´re still  building up a small museum for the Danish paper artist Lisbet Lark, who invented  woven paper hearts with 4-6 pieces of paper and different  asymmetrically front- and reverse in 2009-2010... - and Dec 11th. 2014 she invented the woven paper heart with 9 pieces of paper in front of a running TV-camera for her "H. C. Andersen Passion" exhibition. Unique crafts shown in a TV-shoot from the museum:



Maybe you´ve  already experienced Lisbet Lark and her beautiful, bright hearts  from exhibitions at all times of the year outside Denmark. They´ve been traveling from Australia to USA, they are in delicate private collections. She has a permanent exhibition in Turkey, at Izmir Book and Paper Art Museum, in Atatyrk´s former palace, and now she´s also been at the London Art Biennale 2015 with one of her and the museums hearts. 


Danish drawer and paper artist Lisbet Lark (Lisbet Lærke) invented in 2009-2010 the 4-6 pieced woven hearts and those with different assymetric  front and reverse design and till now she is the only one in the world who is able to create her small beautiful advanced woven hearts arts. The small beauties all tell a unique story and Lisbet Lark has a phenomenal ability to draw, construct and cut all living creatures and human beings in her small advanced woven hearts.  Meassures: Each heart is 12x13 cm or smaller!


As Lisbet Lark also works as an actress, model, short story writer, text writer, songwriter, and internationally acknowledged painter, drawer, optically illusionist, hanging Christmas decoration designer and special furniture designe (web-site: her production of unique woven hearts is limited and only for exhibition use. Each 6 - 9 stripped woven heart takes her up to 1/2 year to create, and in the ones with different front and reverse there are up to 70 000 000 possibilities to fail in each 6-stripped heart. Though she can have several new woven pieces of heart art during production at the same time, and the museum will develope new permanent exhibitions as long as she is able to create them. Please, watch Lisbet Lark showing one of her beatiful advanced woven paper hearts "The Swine Heard" here:  


Lisbet Lark´s beautiful woven paper hearts have all ready been exhibited in several countries in outside Denmark, and used for illustrations for several publications please, click on these links to see where:  

 Tidl. udstillinger            Udgivelser / Pub.  

 Almost all of Lisbet Larks art production is sustainable, and therefore it is Lisbet Larks own idea from start, that we use and rebuild second-handed furniture and recycling materials for building showcases and special designed frames for the museum, which means that our showcases are some experiences of their own. Her woven heart is art exhibited in all kinds of different funny stuff which isn´t normally used for showing art in. Also her furniture craft showcase for the "Sherlock Holmes Portrait", which was exhibited at the London Art Biennale 2015 was an antique gun showcase restored by her. 

As Lisbet Lark is a member of the world´s leading Paper Artist organisation, International Associations of Paper makers And Paper Artists, IAPMA, you´ll find her in their galleries here:  

If your eyes stopped above at one of her creative titles, "Hanging Christmas decoration designer" and you´re interested in her production within this, the museum is lucky to benefit from that, too, 😀 as she is making her own Hangning Christmas Decoration Design FOR SMALL CHRISTMAS TREES for our special shop for that, which is financing the museum, too:  


Håndlavet / Handmade    Mini Julebuk     Håndflettede hjerter 


Andre guirlander       Mini flagguirlander 


Lisbet Larks popular designs of Christmas Cards, ball point pens, a.s.oare  also financing the museum, you´ll find them here: 


 In 2015 she got an order from the miniature business line and designed and created the world´s smallest  handcrafted flag festoon, scale 1:12 and put it into production.We are selling it from the mail order shop. It is also awailable for commision in the following versions: Danish flag, Norwegian Flags, Swedish and Union Jack (English flags):

Our special shop with hanging decorations for small Christmas trees and ordering cards, pens, a. s.o is open all year around per mail order, and ordering products is available in this way, which makes you sure, that we don´t have to administrate a permission to draw money from your account, and in a way where you can always see, which products we can deliver now and here and how much, BEFORE you order:


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2) Please, enter this menu item "Contact". Kontakt and write your order list in a message to us. Ordering a large number and MORE than indicated number of available stock of goods is only possible within Lisbet Lark Design, shown in theme "Handmade" goods and can only take place in Jan- March each year for delivering in august-september for next Christmas Season. You will get an answer back from an E-mail name including the word "kulturhulen."

3) After that, you´ll receive a confirmation of order via mail, that we´ve your ordered products on stock, or telling, when we can deliver them and a united shipping price incl. a bank account number you must make a transaction to. Paying by PAYPAL  is also awailable, a way of paying our customers outsde DK, often choose. Remember writing your name in "messages" so we´re able to find your name and order quickly in our bookeeping. While all this is taking place, your order will be taken out of our stock on this website, reserved for you and packed, so its not available for other bouyers while trade is going on.

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 Welcome the Woven Heart Art museum and our special shop with Hanging Christmas Decorations Design for small Christmas Trees!


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